Work at Keakie

For the perpetually curious

At Keakie we’ve pulled together some of the best talent in the UK including talent from XL Recordings, Google and Spotify. We’ve been lucky to count amongst our ranks a NASA rocket scientist, Naomi Campbell’s publicist and a few university dropouts for good measure. There isn’t a team like it.


Welcome to Keakie

We want to shake up the way people listen to and discover music. We are built on the belief that people deserve a listening experience as unique as they are.

Our mission is to help listeners explore specialist genres of music. This could be Drum & Bass, Baile Funk, Future Beats, Lo-Fi or Kaduro. We connect our listeners with new music from every corner of the globe using our combination of human curation and our advanced discovery-based algorithms to showcase the very best content to brand new audiences worldwide.

We look outwards to showcase music from across the globe, placing discovery at the forefront of the listener experience. Whether it's from the Techno halls of Romania or the sun-kissed streets of Mexico City, we strive to uncover the vibrancy of the subcultures and narratives that make up the world’s musical landscape and have built a business model that allows us to pay artists and creators what they deserve.

Team Keakie

Like our content, our team is hand picked and quality assured. We work closely with our industry titan advisors who together span Google, Spotify, Elrow, Grade Management and Mediacom. They help us forge greater musical networks, support the development of cutting edge tech and so much more.

The Team

Our cultural values

We didn't start Keakie to be your typical 9-5, in fact there's nothing typical about us. We're disruptors, misfits and renegades who believe that listeners, artists and content curators deserve a bigger slice of the pie.


Discovery is as important in how we work as it is for our users' experience. Discovery starts with curiosity and this is the quality we prize above all else. As a team we get curious about everything and seek to understand through questions. We go above and beyond to solve problems, exercise empathy and deliver magic to users, content creators and artists.

Impact Led

We're a small but mighty team with big aspirations. This means sprints, prioritisation and no politics. It can be challenging but ultimately empowering. Assessing the impact of every thought and action on the user is in our DNA.

Growth over comfort

We do the right thing over the easy thing, whether that's building for scale from the beginning or optimising our product for the future. We also push each other and our users to go beyond their comfort zones to grow and develop their skills beyond what they thought was possible.


Keakie is built to give a platform to the forgotten and underrepresented. Inclusion is at the heart of our culture as much as the product from the way we hire, engage with artists and operate as a team.

Current openings

We're looking to collaborate with the best talent. If you fit the bill and share our passions, then apply below - you won't regret it.




Join us if you dare.